Dr. Sathy Ramakrishnan


MBBS ( Manipal ), India 1978
MD ( Pathology ) Manipal, India 1981
Academy Of Medicine (Malaysia) 1999


St Francis Convent, K.Kinabalu, Malaysia 1970
Kasturba Medical College, MBBS, Manipal 1972– 1979
Kasturba Medical college, MD ( Path ) 1979 – 1981
AM (Fellowship) Academy Malaysia 1999

Professional Membership

Malaysian Society Of Pathologists since 1983
Medico Legal society of Malaysia since 1999

Charitable And Community Based membership

Divine Life Society since 1998
HOPE International mobile clinic 1999

Research Experience in Malaysia

  • Demonstration of Chlamydial Inclusions In Tissue Biopsies (11.8.87 - 10.8.89), USM Medical School
  • Development of a Laboratory Technique for Early Indicators of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma (3.11.87 - 6.12.89), USM Medical School
  • Laboratory Indentification Of C.Pylori Infection in gastric biopsies in Malaysian Population. (10.7.87 - 11.8.90), USM Medical School
  • Screening for Malaysian Women for CIN lesions. (1985 to 1988), USM Medical School
  • Jangkitan H.pylori di Kelantan (1991-1992)USM Medical School Kelantan
  • Servei Kepuasan Pelanggan Makmal Hospital Seberang Jaya (Hospital Specific Approach - HAS, 1996)
  • Servei Kepuasan Penderma Darah Hospital Seberang Jaya (1996 - Hospital Specific Approach - HAS, 1996)
  • Delay in Histopathology Reports in Hospital Seberang Jaya 1997- QA Project, 1997
  • Waiting Time For Serum Bilirubin For Neonates - QA Project 1997
  • Study On Tests Done After Office Hours - HAS -1997 - 1999
  • On-Call test Ordering-Habit during Weekends & Public Holidays in Hospital Seberang Jaya 2003
  • Reason For Delay in Processing Of Request for Cross Matching Of Blood, Hospital Seberang Jaya, 2003
  • Evaluation Of Blood-Donor-Recall System, Hospital Seberang Jaya, 2004 - 2005 "Poor Recall of Serologically Reactive Blood Donors"

Courses Conducted

  • Survei Kepuasan Pelanggan, Tabung Darah, Hospital Sebernag Jaya, 1.3.1996 hingga 14.4.1996.
  • Survei Kepastian Kualiti - Survei Kepuasan Pelanggan Unit Diagnostic Biokima, Hospital Seberang Jaya, 16.5.1996 hingga 30.6.1996.
  • Bengkel Hospital Accreditation, Hospital Seberang Jaya, 9.12.1995 to 10.12.1998
  • Criteria For Laboratory Rejection, Hospital Seberang Jaya, KMK Project 1998.
  • Routine Full Blood Picture & Urine Microscopy As An Aid For Acute Appendicitis, November 1999 to January 2000.
  • Workshop On Antibody Identification In Blood Banking service, Hospital Seberang Jaya on18-20.6.2002.
  • Course On Hemostasis & Coagulation, Hospital Seberang Jaya. On 16.4.2003 –18.4.2003.
  • Course on Transfusion Reaction, Hospital Seberang Jaya on 23 - 24.12.2003.
  • Interpretation Of Full Blood Picture, Hospital Kepala Batas, 20.3.22004 - 22.3.2004.
  • Regional Course of Malaria Identification, Hospital Seberang Jaya, 21.7.2005.


  • Pathology in Electives at Medical School Penang
    Sathy Ramakrishnan
    11th AGM and Scientific Meeting Of Malaysian Society Of Pathologists
    Awana Golf Club, Genting Highlands
  • The Profile of Elective Program in the Curriculum Design at the Medical Faculty in USM
    Sathy Ramakrishnan
    International Congress on Medical Education, Kota Bharu, Kelantan
  • Learning of Physiology the Elective Way
    Sathy Ramakrishnan, Rabinderjeet Singh
    1st Congress Of the Asean & Oceanic Physiological Society
    Bangkok , Thailand
  • Demonstration of C.pylori in the Epithelial Mucus in Gastric Biopsies
    Sathy Ramakrishnan, S.Iyer
    2 th AGM & Scientific Meeting of Malaysian Society Of Pathologists
    Awana Golf Club, Genting Highlands.
  • The Prevalence of C.Pylori in gastric biopsies.
    Sathy R, S.Iyer,Yin P.T
    13 th AGM & Scientific Meeting of the Malaysian Society of Pathologists
    University Malaya
  • The prevalence of antibodies to C.pylori in patients with gastritis.
    Iyer,SathyR,Yin P.T
    Western Pacific Congress on Infectious Diseases & Chemotherapy in K.Lumpur
  • Histological Patterns in C.pylori seen in Northen part of Malaysia
    Sathy R, S.Iyer ,Yin P.T
    Western Pacific Congress on Infectious Diseases & Chemotherapy, K.Lumpur
  • The clinical presentations and the association with the Histomorphorlogical types of NPC
    Sathy R, Kalavathy J,S.Iyer , S.P Palaniappan
    4th Asean Otorhinolaryngiological, Head & Neck Congress, Singapore
  • Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma – the histological types and the Association with Serum Selenium Levels
    Sathy R, Geetha A, S.P. Palaniappan
    4th Asean Otolaryngological Head & Neck Congress, Singapore.

Commitment To Community Programs

  • Medical Team member for Free Medical Camps of DLS Prai since 1999
  • Team member for Food Aid Program for Poor Families under DLS Prai since 2000.
  • Mobile Free Clinic Doctor for “HOPE” International Society for Health since 2000.