Recently the company(Destina 1 International) introduced Hologram QR code for all their products including Destina 1 Pendant.Upon scanning the Hologram QR code, one will be able to identify the originality of the product. Each and every Hologram QR code carries different hidden serial number to prove the genuinity of the product.

The Customs officials in the different countries have been made aware of the fakes and the harm they do in terms of transmitting radiation into the body. It is very easy to identify fake products by using the authenticity card with special series of Hologram QR code of each products. Some claim that there are other product looks exactly or similar to the Destina 1 Pendant. Needless to say it is an imitation that do not have the health benefits of Advance Scalar Energy which is patented by Destina 1 International--to say the least.