D’ Ambassadors

D’ an unique, Destina 1 multistake holder community that shapes the global network by supporting and constantly momentums its leaders to not only do more, but to be more too.The action-oriented and entrepreneurial collectively known as D’ Ambassadors.

These front-runners act as proclaimers of the company and facilitate global marketing events, network management, and development programs to make the world a better place.They are chosen and appointed models to the masses of Global Representatives.

Though they are from all walks of life, from every region of the world with diverse nationalities, cultures and beliefs, our D’ Ambassadors are unified in building a strong network of leaders deep-rooted in the company's mission and vision. Regardless of their beginnings, they are now pinnacles of personal success—A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.

D’ Ambassadors are the most expert professionals in Network Marketing, who have gained invaluable wisdom in life and in the art of success. And, having achieved more than most people could only dream about, they now travel the world imparting their knowledge and inspiration to anyone who wishes to follow in their footsteps.

D’ Presidents

Consist members whose position is highly esteemed and respected by both corporate and networkers; Founders of the Destina 1 Group ,the pioneers of the company and the network .

D’ Vice Presidents

D’ Vice Presidents (DVP) are D’ Ambassadors who oversee the events and growth of specific regions in the market as well as participate heavily in large-scale marketing.

D’ Councils

D’ Council Members (DC) are on-the-ground representatives, most of whom specialise in a certain country, providing support to the network via large- and small-scale trainings as well as giving the corporate side invaluable feedback and reports on market climate.

D’ Elite Leaders

D’ Elite Leaders, while not technically part of the D’ Ambassadors hierarchy, are integral members of the D's roster of leaders. These are up-and-coming network leaders who have undergone and completed the D’ Leaders' Certification Program. As D’ Elite Leaders, they are eligible for nomination into the D’ Council.