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Destina 1 International Soft Launch

Destina 1 International is proud to announce that its Soft Launch was successfully held at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre on 28th July 2012.

We were honored to have Mr Michael Sander, Chairman for Advisory Board, Mr Roger Masrani of Trucash Visa International, Top Leader Mr. KC Phoon, Country Licensees Mr. Sener Aydemir (Turkey), Ms Ludmyla Kwasiborska and Mr Hakan Aydin (Poland), Ms. Natalia Drembljuha (Ukraine), Mr. Abdullaev Zaur (Russia), Mr KS Jothi (India), State Licensee Ms Iris Tan (Penang), Key Leaders from Thailand & Malaysia, under privileged Homes Pusat Jagaan Kanak-Kanak Sayang, Pusat Jagaan Orang-Orang Kurang Upaya Dan Terbiar Lovely Nursing Centre and Pusat Jagaan Kanak Kanak San Pedro, Distinguish Speakers, Honoured Guests, Key Leaders and family from Overseas, Outstation and Local, Management and Staff attending the soft launch and made it a successful event.

The Soft Launch started off with a count down by VIPs, Distinguish Guests, Leaders from Local and Overseas, Management and Staff together with children from the under privileged Homes on stage. At the end of the countdown, the VIPs on stage released the confetti to celebrate the Soft Launch. Everyone on the floor then joined in by cheering our slogan - "Destina 1, World No 1!" which signified Destina 1 International’s goal to be World No. 1 in distributing Advanced Scalar Technology wellness products within next 5 years.

Doris Wood, Co-Founder & President Emeritus of Multi Level Marketing International Association (MLMIA) who could not attend Destina 1 International (D1’) Soft Launch sent her Congratulatory & Acknowledgement message which was read out by the Emcee Mr. Chan Teck Peu.

D1' Founder President Dato Dr Barani addressed that - Destina 1 International is the first Network Marketing Company to be endorsed by Trucash VISA International. D1' Distributors will soon be able to use this VISA debit card worldwide. Destina 1 International is also honoured to be the first MLM company from Malaysia to be qualified and accepted as a member of the Multi Level Marketing International Association, USA (MLMIA) and a corporate member of the Association of Network Marketing Professionals, USA (ANMP)

D1’s Chairman for Advisory Board, Mr Michael Sander (who is also the Founder & CEO of OBTAINER MEDIA GROUP) shared his speech and concluded by saying that he is confident and believed that President Dato Dr Barani will successfully lead D1’ around the globe!

D1' Vice President Mr Karunakaran shared on "Hope for Mankind" which is a charity foundation for D1’. He declared that D1’ launches “Hope for Mankind" to help the needy people around the world. He thanked the Homes and the children for their presence on that evening. Subsequently Mr Karunakaran initiated the said charity foundation by putting in his own contribution as well as inviting those on the floor to join in. Many present also contributed generously to the fund.

D1’ CEO Mr Johnson Tang in his speech explained D1’ slogan to all. He believes that the essence of a long-term relationship begins with the commitment in listening to D1' valued distributors and providing excellent customer care.

Subsequently a signing ceremony was held between Destina 1 International and Trucash Visa International on stage. The signing ceremony was represented by D1’ President Dato Dr Barani and Mr Roger Masrani the Vice President of Trucash Visa International which was witnessed by Vice President Mr Karunakaran and CEO Mr Johnson Tang.

Mr Roger Masrani, Vice President of Trucash VISA International then shared with the crowd about the significance of the agreement. He said that Trucash VISA International had collaborated with many big corporations in US & Canada. This is the first time that they are collaborating with a MLM company to provide their service. D1’s distributors will therefore be privileged to receive a special Destina 1 International Trucash VISA card soon. With it, D1’s distributors will be able to transfer their e-wallet credits straight into this special card and utilise the credits anywhere in the World that accepts VISA card!

Although Destina 1 International just have its soft launch, it already had the support from various countries. A signing ceremony between Destina 1 International and the various Country Licensees were subsequently held on stage. Destina 1 International was represented by its President Dato Dr Barani while the Country Licensees were represented by Mr. Sener Aydemir (Turkey), Ms. Ludmyla Kwasiborska and Mr. Hakan Aydin (Poland), Mr. Abdullaev Zaur (Russia), Ms. Natalia Drembljuha (Ukraine), Mr. KS Jothi (India) and State Licensee Ms. Iris Tan (Penang). The signing ceremony was witnessed by D1’s Chairman for Advisory Board, Mr Michael Sander and D1’s Vice President Mr Karunakaran.

Top Leader KC Phoon shared on D1’ Marketing Plan and together with the assistance of D1’s CEO Mr. Johnson Tang, they conducted demonstration to show how D1’ Alkaline Flask turns ordinary clean drinking water into Scalar Energized Alkaline Ionized Mineral water in just a minute. Later Mr. KC Phoon invited a volunteer to come on stage for another demonstration. The beautiful Ms Ludmyla Kwasiborska (Poland Country Licensee) responded to the invitation. Mr. KC Phoon demonstrated that after Ms Ludmyla took a sip of the scalar energized alkaline water, she was able to balance herself during the balance test.

Subsequently D1’ Product Consultant Dr Sathy shared on the benefits of D1’ Bio Matrix Science products whilst Research Director Dr. Segaran, shared on the practical usage of D1’ Cosmatrix Herbal Care Products with the crowd. The event ended with a sumptuous Buka Puasa Buffet Dinner for all present.

A big thank you to all VIPs, Distinguished Guest Speakers, Country & State Licensees, Top Leaders, Honoured Guests & everybody that have attended, contributed & making the soft launch a great success!

A special thanks to Mr Michael Sander, D1’ Chairman for Advisory Board for gracing this soft launch!