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Destina 1 International sponsor Miss Tourism World finals 2012.

It was truly an exciting day for Destina 1 International family to sponsor Miss Tourism World finals 2012 which was held in Bangkok on 16th Dec, 2012. Malaysian and Thai D1 leaders were at the Siam Niramit Cultural Show Centre to support the event.D1 also had an opportunity to set up a booth to showcase D1's products as well as innovative D'LifeStyle D'Golf package. D1 proudly sponsored a special sash bearing the company name and logo which was worn by Miss Malaysia Tourism final 2012.D1 also sponsored Advanced Scalar Technology (AST) Scalar energized Alkaline Water Flask for all the 58 finalists while the top ten finalists got the D1 AST decorative pendant as an additional gift. As a major sponsor D1 leaders were treated to an evening show of pomp, glamour and Thai culture by all the 58 world's participants parading proudly in their finest evening gowns and swimwears.At the end of the event,Ms.Russia was crowned Miss Tourism World while first runner up was Ms. India and second runner up was Ms.Lebanon. After the grand final there were photo sessions with the finalists.Mr. KC Phoon the Crown Diamond Council head did a demonstration with wide range of D1 Products to reveal the benefits of using the products. The beautiful finalists were certainly amazed with the instant results of using D1 products. Not by just demonstrating, Mr KC also highlighted the selling points of the D1 AST flask as following: 1) An acidic body is an invitation for bacteria, viruses and cancel to thrive. Thus drinking D1 Alkaline water (pH8.0 to pH8.5) is to balance the body's acid/alkaline condition. 2) High negative Oxidation Reduction Potential (-ORP) of between -150 to -200 which acts as Anti-Oxidant potentialy helps the body fight free radicals which damage tissues and cells. 3) It's small molecular structure which is able to hydrate our body easily. 4) The ability of D1's alkaline water can dissolve oil easily which can be demonstrated by dripping cooking oil into alkaline water and presto, you can see the oil slowly dissolving away. It means that the oily that we consume everyday can be "washed away" by drinking alkaline water. 5) Having a D1 Alkaline flask means that you can carry it around without having to plug it into an electrical outlet to produce electrolysis. Just pour in regular drinking water into D1 AST Alkaline Anti-Oxidant Water Flask and you will have a delicious, healthy and energized drink. Most importantly, it is very affordable for the whole family. DESTINA 1 INTERNATIONAL would like to take the opportunity to thank the organizer of Miss Tourism World final 2012, Hon Professor Dr. Supanut Donchan for his kind invitation to be apart of the event. The event was beamed live through satellite to more than 350 million viewers in 5 continents where DESTINA 1 INTERNATIONAL a Global Network Marketing company had a good branding and able to build the network globally as per the mission. Destina 1 continues to grow! D1 World Number 1!