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`Paarvai` The Tamil documentary TV show reached Destina 1

On 19 February 2013- “Paarvai” the tamil documentary show reached Destina 1 International with the topic of SNORING. Dr.Wani Muagan the Vice President of Business Development and Product Advisor was interviewed about snoring which has affected 45% men and 30% women in Malaysia. Snoring is known to be air particle causes vibration on tissues of respiratory tract which is caused by many factors such as respiratory disorder, obesity, age, lifestyle, and many more.Snoring has different levels from mild to severe. Snoring being the major problem for many out there as it is proven that it also lowers down ones self esteem. “Today with the Advance Scalar Technology we can totally diminished the snoring”said Dr.Wani. Destina 1 International ‘s Advance Scalar Technology Pendant improves the oxygen uptake and improves the circulation of a patient with snoring problem while the Destina 1 energised alkaline flask water will reduce the acidity by neutralizing the body ‘s acid. It is known that snoring rate is higher among people with acidic body condition.For those with sleeping apnea is recommended to use the Energised Herbal Remedium Cream which can immediately gives a great relief . Feeling is believing ,with the amazing Destina 1 scalar energised products many have given testimonies.Among the unique testimonies,Mr.Prakash had a great relief from mild snoring which affected him last couple of years which lowered down his self esteem.Today after using Destina 1 Advance Scalar Energy pendant, drinking Destina 1 Advance Scalar Energised alkaline water and application of Destina 1 herbal remedium cream on daily basis has boost up his self esteem.Another great testimony of Mr.Eswaran who had snoring problem for many years since after his spinal tumor surgery felt the miracle changes of using Destina 1 products. Destina 1 World No.1