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Destina 1 Dream Builder for students from Institut Perguruan

On March 14 2013 Destina 1 International held its Destina 1 Dream Builder (D1DB) at its headquarters in Kuala Lumpur.Leaders from Southern region ,Central region and 30 students from Institut Perguruan Kampus Batu Lintang Sarawak attended the programme.Among the participants ,few were lecturers’ from the mentioned college. The programme started off with a welcome speech by Mr.Kumar the leader from Melaka .This was then followed with a presentation by Prof Dato Dr.Barani Karunakaran.The presentation including product presentation,incredible marketing plan,social entrepeneurship,and transforming lifestyle with amazing Destina 1 International Advance Scalar Technology products. Prof Dato Dr.Barani continued his presentation with the topic of “help yourself to help others in health and wealth manner”. Dr.Wani the Vice President Bussiness Development cum Medical Advisor shared few words about how Destina 1 has changed the world. Dr.Wani received many testimonies from all over the world. She claimed its god gifted technology. Session ended with a good networking. DESTINA 1 World No. 1