Stroke Testimony

I am Jimmy goh suffered from stroke for past few years. Today Destina 1 international Advance Scalar energy products transformed me into a new person.

Breast Cancer Testimony

Almost 1 in 19 women are suffering out of breast cancer and I am one of them.I am single parent and I need to always move forward to live for my children.I was hoping to get a solution to save my life and that`s Destina 1 International Advance Scalar Energy products.I saw a tremendous changes within 24 hours of using the products.All my bulky clot all over the body disappeared and my hair loss reduce by 60% overnight.
- Shoba -

Sinusitis Testimony

I am 18 years old and had severe sinusitis since my childhood.My sinusitis was so bad that when I wake up the entire house will be in sneezing sound.My self esteem was low due to that.My mother bought me Destina 1 International Advance Scalar Energy products and in just 24 hours I experience a reduce in my daily symptoms.Thanks to Destina 1 International.
- Shankar Thayall -

HIV Testimony

About 10 years ago,I was diagnosed with HIV positive.My family supported me and I tried almost all alternative and modern medicines to the extent I lost hope as I couldn`t afford anymore.Couple of weeks back,my family friend aunty Kumari met me when I was in a critical state of health.She introduced me to Destina 1 International Advance Scalar Energy products.Just in 3 weeks time,I saw miracle in me.I can say I am perfectly healthy.I hope all the HIV patients around the world will use Destina 1 International Advance Scalar Energy products for a better health.
- Prem Kumar -

Asthma Testimony

I suffered from asthma since my childhood.The worst experience of mine was during my delivery of all my three children I had life death asthma attack.I personally have tried many alternatives but nothing worked till I was introduced to Destina 1 International Advance Scalar Energy products.I have been using their wide range of Advance Scalar Energy products and I am free of asthma now.I am able to work without any leaves.Thanks to Destina 1 International.
- Mrs.Rosita Abdullah -


Since 2 months old my baby girl began to have milk dermatitis.I changed the milk powder according to my doctor's advice and did all the necessary.Unfortunately I didn't see much difference until I started using Destina 1 Advance Scalar Energized Pendant and Flask water.It took only 6 days for my lovely daughter to have a better skin.
- Azura, 30 

No more colon cancer

I was diagnosed with colon cancer 5 years ago and I suffered like any other colon cancer patients.I went through all the treatment has planned by my oncologist.One of my close friend couldn't see the way I suffer and he gave me a lifetime gift ,Destina 1 Advance Scalar Energized products and less than 2 weeks my symptoms were much lesser. With continuous usage there is a remarkable difference in myself.
- Madam Patricia Teo, 42 

Uric acid improves

As I have uric acid problem,I have to be very careful with my food.My wife introduced me to Destina 1 Advance Scalar Energized products and within a month I got an excellent result.Thanks to Destina 1 for the amazing products.
- Mr .Sam Leow, 60 

Psoriasis subsided

I started to have psoriasis since 20 years ago.I have been to the doctors many times and tried many products in the market from cheapest to the most expensive ones.Nothing could cure.But today with Destina 1 Advance Scalar Energized products within 8 days my psoriasis has amazingly subsided.
- Mr .Marshall Francis, 36 -

Mr.Tan`s Cancer Testimony

Today im free of CEA and my blood glucose level dropped drastically.I am feeling healthy with Destina 1 Advance Scalar Energized products.i will strongly recommend this to everyone out there.You will not regret with this unique technology.Destina 1 World no 1.
- Mr.Tan -

Mr.Tan`s Cancer Testimony by his wife Mdm Amely

Mr.Tan was very ill and I brought him to clinic.We were told by the doctor to do a lab test.The lab test result showed an elevated level of tumor market(CEA) and his blood glucose level was away too high.Immediately ,I brought him to Medical Centre and he was admitted.My work place big boss recommended me Destina 1 products.That night I purchased Destina 1 Advance Scalar Energized products and gave my husband.Within few hours of using those products he felt changes in his body,after few days he was tested again and his CEA(tumor marker) was within the normal range.His blood glucose level was much better.He also realized that his faeces were dark in color and so much of oil was excreted.Today my husband is healthy and we the entire family happy with Destina 1 products.
- Mr.Tan -